My background as a practitioner in various streams of Service Management inspired me to write about my journey in my blog – Service Management Journey. I strongly believe that no matter what framework is leveraged, the end goal is to align with business outcomes for an excellent customer experience.

Having travelled to various countries and working in different career streams,  I feel I have begun to better appreciate the need to utilize as many experiences as possible to achieve my goals

I enjoy learning, whether through formal training, research or even when it comes from a would be mistake. I believe that a big part of learning is the responsibility to share what was learned with others.


My Approach

What not to hear at CAB

Week after week the Change Manager in your organization hears all the excuses for why details may be lacking in your change records. Here is a lighthearted look at a few of my favorites, why we continue to see them and the remedies for what ails them


Avoiding Service Management Pitfalls

At some point a need has been identified to implement or review some components of Service Management within your organization. Whether this initiative is IT driven or the result of a Business need ...


Do You Exist in IT Socialism

In this presentation we will introduce how SIAM works to improve service delivery when IT is not the only choice for your business



What the Hell is IT doing

In this session I will address some processes that may not be leveraged as much as they should and how they can put IT back in the game


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